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Hinkle Realty Inc. Practical Home Selling Tips
Is Your Home READY To Sell?
Sellers have recently turned to home stagers to help get their homes ready to put on the
market. While these services can be valuable, they can also be expensive at times and in
today's economy, the extra money may not be there. There are many things you as a seller
can do to get your home ready and make it attractive to a buyer.

Keep your main entrance neat and clean, shrubs should be trimmed and sidewalks clear.
Steps, railings and decks should be in good condition. Broken windows are a no no.
Paint over scuff marks and have clean rugs and floors in your main entry.

Watch for offensive odors in your home: pets, smoking, urine, sitting trash, or cooking
odors can linger and be offensive. Clear away all clutter so spaces(especially counter tops)
are neat. You want your home to be seen.
If your home is outdated, do what you can within your budget to spruce it up, remember
paint goes a long ways and warm, neutral colors are appealing to buyers.

Carpets need to be clean and not spotty. If you have nice hardwood flooring underneath and
cannot get your carpets clean or odors out, consider removing the carpet.
Replace burned out light bulbs and leave drapes and blinds open to let as much light in as
possible, this makes the rooms look larger.

Keep light fixtures, mirrors and chrome clean and shiny. Tighten door handles and hardware
on cabinets. Your kitchen will be inspected carefully so time spent here will be well worth it.
Fix dripping, leaky faucets and make sure all plumbing is in good working order. Replace
moldy or stained shower curtains. An untidy home needing obvious repairs will be
over quickly.
People WILL look in your closets and cupboards so, if possible, keep these spaces neat and
clean. You will also need hand railings on stairways and updated electrical breaker boxes
rather than fuses as these items can often be flagged by a lender.

Remove all cobwebs and dust bunnies. If you have large, bulky furniture, or too much clutter
consider renting a storage facility to hold your extra "stuff" for a short time. People need to
be able to 'see' your home and move through it comfortably. You cannot change the size of
your home but you can present it in a pleasing way.

The outside  of your home should also be in good repair, that is where the first impression is
made. Your lawn should be tidy and trimmed. Also, remember that many homes will not
even qualify for financing if there is any peeling paint. An older roof with bad shingles only
means a costly replacement right off the bat. If you are using your garage for storage, clean
it out.

Be sure there is a good variety of photo's of your property on the MLS. If you are unhappy
with any of the photo's, be sure and let the listing agent know. People are computer savvy
and often go to an internet web site to view your home before they ever make a call to the
listing office.

Remember, your own practical, common sense efforts will go a long way in helping you sell
your home. Please feel free to call us if you need help in this area.